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Saka Logistics’ trucking services are designed to meet the transportation needs of businesses of all sizes. We understand that timely delivery and safe handling of goods is of the utmost importance, therefore we take great care in ensuring that your cargo is transported safely and efficiently to its destination.

Every fleet unit is well maintained and equipped with GPS technology to ensure your cargo is always on the right track. Our experienced and professional drivers have a track record of safe and on-time deliveries.

We offer a variety of Full Truckload (FTL), Less Than Truckload (LTL), refrigerated (Reefer/Cold) and dry (Dry) transportation services using CDD, Tronton, Fuso, Build-up, Cooler, Wing Box, Lowbed, Safe Loader units. , Trailers 20-40 feet. We also handle special shipments such as heavy equipment throughout Indonesia. We also provide door-to-door service and can handle all aspects of transportation, including loading and unloading, and customs.


➔ Truk / Mobil Pickup
◆ Pickup bak 1 pintu
◆ Pickup bak 3 pintu
◆ Pickup box
◆ Pickup box reefer

➔ Truk Colt Diesel Double
◆ CDD Bak Buka Belakang
◆ CDD Bak Samping
◆ CDD Box
◆ CDD Long Box
◆ CDD Cooler Box

➔ Truk Fuso
◆ Fuso Bak
◆ Fuso Box
◆ Fuso Cooler Box

➔ Truk Colt Diesel Engkel / CDE
◆ CDE Bak Buka Belakang
◆ CDE Bak Samping
◆ Engkel Box
◆ Engkel Cooler Box

➔ Truk Tronton
◆ Tronton Bak
◆ Tronton Box
◆ Tronton Cooler Box

➔ Truk Wingbox
◆ Wingbox 4 ban
◆ Wingbox 6 ban
◆ Wingbox 10 ban

➔ Truk Trailer
◆ Trailer Flatbed
◆ Trailer Lowbed
◆ Trailer 20’
◆ Trailer 40’

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